Initial clicks dropping out when using Animate CC


Astropad works beautifully inside photoshop and I can write and do quick sketches fine. In Animate however about 5% of the time Astropad seems to drop the initial click of the stroke if I draw or write too quickly - it keeps tracking the pen, but it’s as though I didn’t do that first click and instead it just moves the cursor without drawing. It makes doing rough sketches really difficult.

I’ve tested with my wacom and this doesn’t happen there. I can reproduce this every time with Astropad by just trying to write a sentence quickly and I’ll always end up with a couple of missing letters.

I’m on a Retina iMac with all the software up to date and an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro connected via USB.


Here is a video of the bug occurring. The cursor starts “hovering” and I can click my mac’s trackpad to make it draw (so it’s receiving pressure and position, but the click is gone :frowning: )


Just posted this to the Adobe Prerelease Community forum, as this is likely an Animate CC issue. They are getting a lot of feedback in general on the brush tool.


I’m having this this issue too, and it’s SUPER frustrating. I know that Animate CC’s brush tool is super busted/janky right now, but I also feel like part of the issue here is with Astropad’s default pressure settings. As you said in your original post, I too don’t really get this issue when using my Cintiq 13HD. I had to bust out my 13HD last night because I was getting so frustrated and it bums me out, because I SO WANT to ditch it for a stricktly iPad Pro/Astropad workflow.

I really think adding a customizable pressure curve editor is necessary, it seems like a really basic feature and I’m kind of puzzled as to why it’s not included. Also, I find myself pressing way harder than I’d like to or feel I should in other programs like Photoshop too, so for me this isn’t just an issue with Animate either.


Here is a potential solution I have to register an account to let you guys know.

I had this problem too and became so frustrated as there were no solutions to be found online. I also happened to have an obsolete, old Wacom Bamboo Create. Turned out it had the exact same stroke registration problem as Astropad, which doubled the frustration! I went to the Wacom website and installed the latest driver (latest release as of today is late 2016) and guess what? It magically solved the stroke problem for BOTH bamboo and Astropad! I don’t know what the driver did in the background but it’s definitely worth a try even if you don’t use a Wacom tablet.