Illustrator Pressure Sensitivity Not Working?


I’m psyched to use the pressure sensitivity feature in Astropad. I have already downloaded and installed the latest Wacom Intuos Pro driver. However, the “Fixed”-“Pressure” drop down has everything greyed out except “Fixed.” For reference, I am using Astropad Mini for Illustrator CC 2017 on an iPhone 6S. Why is it not working? Is there a setting I missed or did the 2017 CC version mess something up or is it something else?
Thank you in advance!

Edit: I’m using an Early 2013 MacBook Pro with fully updated macOS Sierra.


Ah, figured it out myself. There’s a hidden palette of “Wacom 6D” brushes within the Brush Library that react to pressure. This functionality is awesome! Have all of my imaginary internet points, Astropad!


@JustWrong Glad you resolved the issue :slight_smile:
And thanks for all the details, it’s definitely good to know for our own support.