I feel disappointed as Standard version buyer


I received today an email about the new Astropad Studio.

Lot new features and a new payment model based on subscription. Don´t get me wrong, i’m OK with the new pricing for that bunch of new features, bu I feel quite a lot disappointed as Astropad buyer (the classic version).

When I purchase an App in the store I do it thinking that the company will update its functionality up to their best, I’m not asking for more and more functionality on updates, but I think that if the developer company can get the existing functionality better they would provide it on updates. I’m disappointed by the fact that the classic Astropad is not getting the new 8 times faster Liquid Extreme engine. I can understand that all the new features require a new pro subscription model, but thinking that the company can get me a better performance on a functionality that I already paid for but doesn’t think I deserve it, makes me feel really disappointed.

Astropad tells me in the email that the standard version wont be discontinued, but I’m not sure to be receiving enough care due to not being a PRO subscriber.


If you buy a laptop this year and a faster one is released next year do you also expect a free upgrade?

With all due respect, developers need to make a living too.


Sure, I´m a developer too. As I said, I understand the new fee model for new features, I’m OK with that.

But I think that the new Liquid Extreme is a performance upgrade of an existing feature. As a developer I try my applications do the things they do the best way. And I feel disappointed thinking that the App I purchased is not receiving already existing performance upgrades as I do in other Apps. I’m not asking for the new features the PRO app is offering.

Can’t compare software and hardware in that way. In software it’s common to receive performance updates in purchased Apps.


I purchased the standard version 2 days before Studio was announced. If I’d have known the Studio release was imminent, I wouldn’t have bought standard. I’ve emailed support to see if there are any rebates for customers in my situation, but don’t hold much hope.

I think my concern is that as a Standard user, my software is rendered obsolete if I upgrade to Studio, but there is no trade-in or upgrade path. If standard users were offered 6 months Studio subscription for free for example, I think that would go some way to keeping existing customers happy…


I’m also a bit unhappy about the Studio release. While I don’t like the subscription model, I know how important it is for any company to generate sustainable revenue, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.
But as someone who just (7 days ago) purchased Astropad Standard in the hope it would improve, I feel like I spent 30€ on an abandoned app. I know it’s far from abandoned, but not getting basic features like keyboard support or multiple shortcut sets really frustrates me. Sure, my fault for wrongly assuming a 30€ app would improve over time, but it’s still not great for customer satisfaction.


I have to agree with Andrew here. It’s really not that expensive for professional software. At $65 a year, it’s the least expensive part of my setup.

Also, I think I read if you bought Standard recently, you can get a few free moths of Studio. Correct me if I’m wrong? Rn, sticking to standard for now, but as Studio gets better, I can’t wait to upgrade.


For professional use, $65 x 3 years is still cheaper than a Wacom Intuos.

I’ve been trying Studio on my iPad Pro with my 2012 MBP using Photoshop. Over USB I’m really happy with the speed and responsiveness, and the marching ants aren’t creating any blockiness anymore!

I still think it’s a good deal. And it keeps the lights on for the Astropad team. :slight_smile:


I agree, it’s a good deal, a bunch of new features for a good price. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining about the price or the payment method change. What I say is that I think that the standard version buyers (who supported the Astropad in the beginings) deserve the Liquid Extreme update in the standard version. Not asking for the whole bunch of new features for the same price, only the better performance core functionality.


My guess is that, because Studio is exclusive to iPad Pro (and Apple Pencil), they can use code that is more optimised to the hardware. On the normal version the code is supposed to run on almost every iPad, with many different pens.


I was hoping for an upgrade deal for those of us that are existing customers. I bought AstroPad more than a year ago and have hardly used it because performance with Capture One Pro wasn’t great. This was an iPad Pro with a 5K iMac. Just tried Studio this morning and it’s a huge improvement. It works as you’d expect nos. Note: I tried standard with Photoshop and it was flawless, but I don’t use that much. What I wanted it for was one particular program which isn’t all that popular so I didn’t expect any optimization. All of that said, a discount for existing users would have been nice.


How can I be angry about this new product ? This team made a new market with a single piece of software, pushing the iPad Pro to be compared with Cintiq.
But in the past few weeks the Standard version received an update that make it so buggy you can’t use it without deactivated the colorsync option. And even without the option the bug is somehow still there… And three week after, tadaaa ! Astropad Studio come out… Without any possibility to try it for free (and see if it is cursed by the same bug as the standard edition). Ok, you’ll speak about the 7 days trial. But it is not really a trial. it is a subscription offer.
So, Yes, I’m angry. Because of the bugs in the standard app, because of the attention Studio already has despite the buggy state of the standard app. Because of the team pushing an update today on the standard app that resolved nothing. Because of the price tag that is more than twice the price of the standard app that stopped working properly.
I feel cheated.


$65 a YEAR? this is ridiculous. I’m all for supporting developers but this is way to much. Why didn’t you do an in app purchase for $20. I’d be fine with that. But no way am I subscribing for $65.
Also those people who are saying its way cheaper than Wacom, you are getting hardware & software with Wacom. This is pure software. If you buy a new Wacom you can sell the old one. No way am i supporting this.


I agree with everyone that is disappointed. Over and over again we have been promised an app you can use. It’s better than it was but the pixelation is still bad enough that it can’t replace any drawing tablet for photo editing. There’s a real problem with battery drain. The app I bought is still a beta in so many ways. I stuck with Astropad because I thought at some point they would solve the problems, but instead they want a monthly fee.


i too feel disappointed and cheated. standard version was not usable because of its poor performance with regard to opacity brushes. instead of fixing that issue, they have comeup with this costly monthly fee. i may use studio version if i feel i need it. but that doesnot mean i will have the same respect towards astropad team.


It’s just time to move on from Astropad. It should be working by now and it’s not. I’m uninstalling and calling it a loss.


Ive had it in my workflow for a day and I can honestly say - I LOVE AstroPad Studio. Worth every penny. Well done.


I honestly think I spend more on beer in a month than Astropad will cost per year, and Astropad will make me money with my work. Most people spend over $65 on a night out at the bar or dinner. I don’t think, in most cases, anyone will really say "wow, I wish I didn’t spend that $65, I really need it right now.

Astropad is a small team of 5 people. This isn’t a huge company like Adobe. Astropad needs some income to survive, and innovate. And if a mere $65 a year will help them do that, then I am all for it.


To be fair I don’t think folks really have a problem with the price or with Astropad attempting to support a small developer team (we all get why that is important).

The problem I have is in paying for subscription software which disables itself when you stop paying, I’d gladly pay say a $99 fee (yearly), but NOT for software based on the silent wallet extortion and the permanent beta model. I’m also NOT willing to pay a monthly subscription for a SIMPLE (but good) service such as screen mirroring, which SHOULD have been enabled on the ipad Pro by Apple.

A more user friendly business model which small companies such as Video Co-pilot run on work much better in my opinion and the results are genuine monetary loyalty from the customers/users.


i stopped drinking beer just to be able to pay for my imac, ipad pro and photoshop. now i dont have 65 dollors more. sorry


That’s not the point of the topic. As I said, I’m OK with the price and the model of Astropad Studio. BUT i think that the standard version should receive some of the updates we can see on the SUPERPRO version, at least the better Liquid Extreme feature.

I feel that the company is telling us: You don’t deserve a better image quality because you already paid and aren’t going to pay any more.