Hover function and Photoshop


Hi everyone.

since there is no hover function due to Apple Pencil hardware, is there any way to eliminate in Photoshop the annoying pencil mark on the screen when the pencil is not touching the surface? (for sure I need to see the mark when the pencil is touching the surface).

this would be a very useful trick for me, in fact this is how Procreate works…

I am sure someone must know in this forum…
thanks all.



Like, cursor settings?
Photoshop has cursor settings. But there’s no photoshop setting for hide cursor.
I personally use the standard size brush tip and show my cross hairs.



Thank you Sara for the tip. I will use the “precise” setting for the cursor. You’re right there is no way to hide the cursor when the pencil is not touching the surface.

Maybe with the Apple Pencil 2 that is supposed to be launched in April 2017 it will incorporate the hover function (like a Wacom Intuos), that would be great.



I asked the same thing here: Astropad Studio brush cursor sticking when lifting pencil

They told me it would be fixed but it is not up till now.


Thanks Danielle.
This brush mark is annoying,
I hope the developers find a solution soon.

hope they will read this thread and answer us