Help with purchase


I am buying a drawing tablet soon and saw a bunch of video reviews on Astropad in conjunction with an ipad pro.

i was going to buy a Cintiq but the Astropad/ipad pro option seems cheaper. my question is how well does Illustrator run and is there any pressure sensitivity when using the apple pencil? again, my primary software is Adobe Illustrator CC.

also, i saw that the bigger ipad pro has more ram, i prefer to work on the smaller ipad pro but i’d rather have the extra ram than my preffered size.

and how is the latency? i see plenty of videos of a way around the latency with that magenta trail that follows every move, and that looks useful. but does it ever come to a point where the lag is unbearable?

thank you in advance.


Thanks for the interest in Astropad :slight_smile:

Yes, there is pressure sensitivity when using Adobe Illustrator and Apple Pencil.

The best iPad Pro size would depend on your personal preferences. Some like the convenient size of the smaller one, while others like the sketchbook-like size of the larger one. Both have good performance.

What is the model and year of your Mac? As well as OS X?
On older Macs, the experience may be slower performance than newer models.
It really depends on its specs.


i am running a MBA from 2012, 2GHz dual core i7, 8 gigs of ram

and am running Sierra


Astropad will work with your setup, but again performance can be slower.
It will not have the same performance as higher specs model Macs (like iMac, Mac Pro, etc),
especially those with a good GPU.


thank you, i just got my ipad pro and bought Astropad - works well on my MBA.

one question though, im drawing with my apple pencil in Illustrator but i can’t get any pressure when i draw.

i tried making a new calligraphic brush but the Pressure option is greyed out. any fix for this?


The issue is for pen pressure in Illustrator; it does not enable pressure unless a Wacom driver is present :frowning:

A Wacom driver will need to be downloaded and installed, we tested with Intuos Pro driver, you can get from here - You will not need a Wacom tablet to install the driver.

This issue happens with tablets that are not Wacom. We want to figure out an alternative workaround, but at the moment, there isn’t any other way.

After adding the driver; brush option settings will need to be manually adjusted in Illustrator, changing “fixed” to “pressure”, and desired variations to the stroke.

More info can be seen here -