Help setting up? This is so pixelated


Hi. I just downloaded this app thinking it was going to solve my problems. I study 2D animation and i’m trying to go digital.

So i set it up on my ipad and computer and connect via USB because apparently my optic fiber connection is not good enough for this app.

The thing is that the display is disgustingly pixelated on the ipad screen. All my devices are updated to the latest iOS. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, and it seems preposterous that an app designed for this use would be pixelated on a screen of higher quality than my macbook air’s.

If you have any information or solutions about this issue, please help. If there is no solution and this is the way it’s supposed to be, please let me know too.

Thanks in advance.



What is the year and model of your Mac? As well as iPad model.

Are you using Astropad Studio? Or Astropad Standard?
And what other programs are in use on the Mac?

Please record a video of the performance your are experiencing, and email to us – support[at]
this will give us a better idea of what’s happening and narrow down the issue.


In addition, make sure the iPad is not loaded up with apps in the Control Center/App Switcher.
When using Astropad, you need to keep background running apps to a minimum.
Also, in the Settings app on the iPad, under General, turn OFF Background App Refresh either globally for the entire iPad, OR turn OFF for individual apps that do not really need to have their data constantly being refreshed in the background. Especially if that updated data is coming constantly from the Internet.

Also, there still maybe some pixellation when zooming and scrolling, then the image will clear up to actually draw/edit in an area. This is normal as this is part of Astropad’s optimisation to speed up moving about remotely on your Mac on the iPad so as not to have the iPad constantly render an image while zoming and scrolling about an image.
Once done moving/zooming/scrolling an image, the iPad’s screen will become clear, once again.


Also, there are dedicated, stand-alone animation apps for the iPad in the iOS App Store.
Look at

Animation Desk Classic
Animation Creator
Animation Express
Stop Motion Studio
FlipaClip Cartoon Animation

On the much more expensive side.
Animation Desk
Animation Desk Ultimate