Harmony 15 Mega Stroke Lag


I’m having major stroke lag on my Astropad and new version of Toon Boom Harmony 15. Any thoughts?

I don’t have this issue in any other program, be it graphically intense or not. Corel Painter 2018 works smoothly and quickly even on high resolution images.


Thanks for the included video! Really helps.

What Mac OS is installed?
Are there any wacom or tablet drivers installed on your Mac? Any third party plugins or utilities?

We’ll be looking further into reproducing this in ToonBoom Harmony!


MacOS 10.12.6

Wacom drivers are installed but are very old and I no longer have my intuos. Just never wanted to toss the settings in case I had to move back some time to a Wacom.

As far as other plug ins? I am unsure what you mean. If you mean installed on Harmony 15, then I would answer no. It is as vanilla as I can get, other than the window arrangement.

The iPad Pro is the 12.9 128gb original released one with the latest iOS.


Additionally I am on the Astropad Studio Sub - Version 1.8 (2803)


Just as some follow up:

I did a test just now where I plugged in the iPad directly to the Mac while on wifi, so I guess it moved to wired connection once I connected it. Now I was able to draw in Harmony 15 fairly accurately.

I had Harmony 12 open at the same time I opened Harmony 15 when it worked, I closed it all down and started Harmony 15 again on wifi, and now it seems to work correctly.

Hope this helps or at least gives some clues.


Thanks for the detailed info, and the update on the issue.

Sounds like your reset cleared the problem, and reestablished connection signal.
We’ll still be looking into if there was any conflict with using Harmony, but glad that things are working again.

If this does happen again, please let us know.

We appreciate your patience with troubleshooting!