Getting a Red X when using Astro Pad Standard


I am using a iPad 4 and when I use Astro Pad standard and try to draw I get a red X with a circle I can’t draw or do anything.


​The red “x” is usually an indicator of palm rejection, but can randomly occur sometimes because of the stylus.

On your iPad, try turning off and back on bluetooth. Sometimes that restarts connection.
Also, try turning off bluetooth on your Mac, if it is enabled. Sometimes the signal conflicts.

Re-syncing the stylus can help reestablish connection.
On your Mac, go to Astropad’s Preferences, and click the “Stylus” tab.
​At the bottom of the window, click “Remove stylus”. Then try pairing on your iPad again.

​And this stylus was pair in Astropad under the Adonit logo?
Let us know if the red “x” still persist after trying this.


Will try myself, will let you know what happens…still trying to figure out how to use astropad for transforming my iPad in a whiteboard also, going to open ups from MacBook, but how do I use idroo for example on astropad?


@marta Open iDroo on the Mac side, while running Astropad on both iPad and Mac.
When your on a video call, share your screen.

Not sure in how well iDroo works, since we have not tested this on our end.