Cursor Position Position by Proximity


I am now testing the version of Astropad Studio and I have noticed a great change regarding the version of Astropad Standard since there are details that could be improved in the Standard version as it is the
The sensitivity when opening a folder to see its contents since the standard version is very difficult to recognize the double click thing that the studio version does perfectly to be able to do without the mouse almost totally when you are working.
Something that is missing a lot is that it does not detect the position of the apple pencil continuously, that is to say that it saw the pencil like the mouse without touching the screen to determine the position, what I want to say is that it did by proximity when moving by The surface of the screen, this would make the work much more comfortable since it would completely dispense the mouse in routine tasks as several position when scrolling through the screen without having to constantly look at the iPad.
I think this would be a great improvement over the common tasks as it does not visually condition the size of the iPad to work but the monitor.
At the moment with Astropad Studio I am very satisfied and I appreciate the great advance over the standard version.


Thanks for the detailed feedback.

For detecting Apple Pencil’s position, have you tried Astropad Studio’s simulated hover?
It can be assigned to one of the Fingers + Pencil gestures.
More info on Magic Gestures, here -