Corel Painter... Moving on Canvas Problem... Have to restart Mac?


Hello everyone! I am trying to run Corel Painter 2016 via Astropad Standard on my iPad pro. And it works great (especially now after this last update)… except one thing. Zooming and moving around still doesn’t work. More specifically, it causes a weird problem for me I haven’t seen anyone else address. Lets say I am drawing with a pencil. If I try to move around the canvas with my fingers, I can. the pencil turns into a hand…. and I can move around the canvas. But I cannot go back to the pencil at all. Or any other brush. Even if I go back to the desktop and try the mouse to continue drawing, I cannot. I have tried closing astropad, closing painter, closing the particular file I was working on, restarting the iPad, etc. The only thing that works is that I have to restart my Mac and then reopen everything.

I guess my question is, does anyone know of a quick fix for this particular problem (i.e., getting back to a drawing tool). I know the easiest solution is not to move around with the fingers lol…but since I am on the iPad and can’t seem to get my brain to unlearn that it’s a touch screen lol.

And, any word on if Corel Painter will get full zoom/pan support in Astropad Standard?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!


We’re still working on compatible of Astropad’s Touch gestures with Corel Painter.
But being unable to go back to using a brush tool is odd,
please send us a video of this occurring to support[at]

What is your Mac year and model? OS X?


Thanks for the response! I am running Corel Painter 2016 on a 2015 iMac with macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

I will try to make a video of it very soon.


Thanks for the added details, we look forward to the video.
In the meantime, we’re investigating this issue.


I was hoping the latest update would address the Corel problem… no luck though. Any word?


Unfortunately, touch zoom and pan gestures are still not yet compatible.
This is on our priority features list, and we’re hoping to have a solution soon.
We appreciate your patience.

Are you still experiencing a problem with swapping tools in Painter?


I buyed a pricey Corel Painter 2017 (400 €).
I wanted to use it via Astropad Studio since i sold my unused Cintiq 12".
I draw with an iPad Pro.
Pinch, zoom and panning do not working
is a major issue slowing my workflow so much
i am staying away from Corel Painter and using it very little. :frowning:
i will stick with Procreate (6€) or Paintsorm Studio (14€) iOS app :joy:


This is sad news! I love Corel Painter much more than even Procreate (and I love Procreate!). Guess I won’t be tossing my Wacom just yet, nor will I upgrade Astropad when core features are missing.


I actually had astropad studio for about 5 months and love how well it works, but I ended up letting the subscription go because of lack of support for Painter 2017. I’d probably go back once I see a stable release with proper touch capabilities.


I own Astropad from when I had 9x7 Pro, sold that iPad and have purchased the new 12.9 iPad Pro 2017. BUT before I subscribe to it, I AM ALSO WAITING for Astropad Studio to get it together for Corel Painter (now 2018).
How can Astropad Studio (as difficult as I am sure it is) be behind on such a major program?
****Could an Astropad Studio Support Rep please update re Corel Painter? I have to hook up my older Wacom to work in Corel which is very frustrating…I would have never thought that Corel Painter would not have been a priority software program, unless Astopad thinks most serious users of Corel Painter use Wacom…that is changing with the new iPad.
Please note: I also find it frustarting how the forum has so many unanswered questions. I would think if the community does not answer or answer fully or correcty answer a question a Rep from Astropad would be sure to at least provide some rsponse even if it’s…we are working on this issue etc. Thank you and I hope to see a response from “Astropad Studio” as to the status of full support for Corel Painter or at least far better usability & support for now and on its way to full support…I want to put my old Wacom away! Hope to see an answer from Astropad soon. Thanks.


@CFV We appreciate the feedback and enthusiasm for improved Corel Painter support.

Corel Painter doesn’t have support for Mac OS trackpad gestures, which makes the compatibility with Astropad’s touch gestures much more complicated.

This has taken more time for us to figure out than expected, but still a priority.
Our apologies for how long this has taken.

Please let us know if you have more questions or feedback.


Thank you for the quick reply. I would assume Corel is not going to be helpful as they are not Apple inclined. It is such a strong program it would be great to have it working with Astropad Studio and the iPad Pro. Do you feel a work around at your end is possible or perhaps more correctly stated, is it “probable”? Thank you and GOOD LUCK.


@CFV It’s probable, we have to take more time to completely figure it out and make a workaround.
Especially, like you mentioned, when the program is less Apple inclined
it makes the compatibility effort a longer project on our end :frowning:

Again, thank you for your support and patience.

We have not forgotten about Painter!


I Really hope that this is worked on soon. This is my primary program for creating art. I use photoshop some, but this would make Astropad studio worth that much more.


Ihave act,ually had as much trouble with my live image area moving or completely disappearing while painting. So much so that ive actually tossed the file and started over, which infuriates me. The people who should know what to do you, and be able to help you Wont and Dont. In consideration of the money ive invested in Corel and not ever gotten support ha. s brought me to an end with it. If you can understand them they are rude and could care less. I wish i had a fix to give everybody but i dont. But im going to move on, because there is good sound competition out there now and increasing every day. i was even told by a tech on the phone about this very problem that Corel is discontinuing phone support and strickly rely on these formats. if a fix is ever found i would love to have it because im locked to using Corel painter 2017 until March of next year. And if i ever figure it out Ill bring to your attention ASAP.


@jaynie Sorry to hear that. For our own support info, what Mac OS are you using?
Also, iPad model and stylus? iOS version? And are there any Wacom drivers installed?