Corel painter brush + and brush - keys not working


Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn’t find the answer.
The brush + and - keys don’t work when using painter. Anything I can do ?

Best wishes , Teresa


Hi Teresa, you probably need to remap those keys.
Open the Astropad preferences on the Mac do to do that.

What are the shortcuts to change brush size in Painter?


Hi Giovanni. Shortcut keys are mostly the same in Painter and Photoshop and you can change preferences in Painter to use Photoshop keys across the board.


Hi Giovanni, many thanks for getting back to me. Apparently after painter 2015 the bracket keys don’t work for resizing brushes. The way to do it now is to hold the alt and command keys and then put the pen on the screen and move it outwards, this enlarges the brush. I have tried setting up a shortcut with just the alt and command key, thinking that perhaps I could then use the stylus as now but it doesn’t work.
Unless you can come up with a suggestion I’ll continue to use the alt, command stylus combination.
Best wishes, Teresa


Hie Ergin, I didn’t know you could do this and it sounds great. Where do I go to be able to do ghis Preferences ?
Best wishes, Teresa


Hi Teresa. Her’s a link to guide you through that