Corel Painter 2012 + Astropad Pro pinch and zoom troubleshooting



amazing work with pro and customising workspace abilities
tap shortcuts amazing (two fingers set to tab, very handy)

Perhaps i missed something
but it seem that tap shortcuts conflicts
with pinch and zoom

in my test i wasn’t able to easily pinch and zoom
using Astropad pro + corel painter
like in the past with regular astropad version.


Pinch and zoom checked O.K with Photoshop CC 2015 and safari.
Sad it do not work in corel painter.


Glad you brought this up again, I also have been having trouble with zoom gesture in Corel.


Hi which Corel painter version do you use ?

Best regards



to astropad crew : forget shortcuts
pinch and zoom is N° 1 needed
i wish i could use Corel painter to learn it more
without pinch and zoom i can’t use astropad with corel painter
i will not pay a monthly fee without this ability

all the best


@Bdlapierre Hi Christophe, apologies for any disappointment. Thanks for the detailed feedback.

We’re still figuring out how to have touch pan & zoom compatibility with Corel Painter. It has taken longer than expected, but we are working on this.

We understand this has been inconvenience to your workflow, and greatly appreciate the patience with the lack of this feature.



Pinch and zoom does not work with Corel Painter.
Even with last astropad pro version.

Best regards