Color calibration Illustrator iPad Pro - iMac retina 5K problem


Anyone an idea why i have such different colours on my Astropad compared to my iMac?

Any help would be great!


Unfortunately, this is something we need to fix.
What are the color setting on your iMac?

For color calibration and management, we’re currently investigating what can be done.
We want to make sure to have a quality solution for all our users, and color management has been limited for iPad.

Astropad uses sRGB color profile. We currently support Apple ColorSync,
but an issue is that iPad screens are not calibrated to begin with.
The new iPad Pro model, has open more possibilities on improving color, but this will take time.

It’s a top priority, and we’re hoping to figure out a good fix in the near future

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you for the answer.

I have the new model Ipad Pro. Do you have any troubleshoot page with how to use Apple ColorSync? That would be great. I have the default color settings, which till now worked great.


This color difference occurred recently?
What OS X version are you using?
Also which iPad Pro model and iOS version?

There isn’t a way to adjust ColorSync on the user end, but we need to check further into this if you’re seeing a recent change in color on iPad.

Thanks for your patience.



This happened on the day that i posted the first message.

OS X = v. 10.11.6
iPad Pro = WIFI 32 GB
iOS version 9.3.4 (13G35)


Thanks for the added info.

Same color display profile before and after the problem occurred;
and did the color difference/change happen after updating Astropad to v2?

Or sometime after?

Are there any 3rd party plugins installed recently (around the time of the issue)?


Sorry, I have not been clear:

The color difference has always been there. Just have AstroPad and the iPad only a few weeks, so have no previous experience with other system setups.


Hmmm… iPad uses sRGB (I’m fairly sure)… FOR NOW. MANY devices are going Adobe RGB. I think this problem will get worse very soon. Certainly the new MACs come in set up that way. I’m willing to bet iPads will be there within a generation or two.

Also, iPad, like TVs, are biased toward blue, apparently that makes entertainment industry videos look richer and deeper in color. Skin tones are supposed to suffer by this.


@Ergin_Artesia Yes, iPads use sRGB, and the smaller iPad Pro model has P3 color display. Most likely more future iPad models will improve soon, towards P3 color space. We’ll try our best to keep up :slight_smile:


Yes and while I won’t trade in my 12.9" ipad pro for the smaller one, even with P3, I am definitely going to upgrade after March, where it’s a sure bet that the new ipad pros will ALL have P3.

How will Astropad deal with that? If Astropad Studio is targeting the pros, it better emulate displays with P3 on MACs with these profiles in their display settings.


@Ergin_Artesia This is something we’ve already started working on, by adding compatibility with ColorSync. We’ll continue to improve this for sure.


Great news Malyse! I was hoping for the new iPad Pro 10.5 to release this week (am waiting for that), but sadly it didn’t :pensive:.

I am using this site as a calibration guide I called Apple the other day to ask about Expert Mode not being available as an option. He told me it’s an Adobe site rather than Apple. Has anyone else encountered it not being an option?


@Candi Thanks for the information.
Are you experiencing issues with color calibration on the Mac or iPad side?


Sorry for such late response Malyse, have been ill.

On iMac.


@Candi No worries!
Hopefully you’re feeling better.
Have you tried the manual adjustment? Do you still have the same issue when doing this?


Thanks Malyse, getting there :slight_smile:.

I tried SuperCal, and even with assistance from the President of the company, was unable to use it because it wouldn’t install on computer from download folder.


@Candi We haven’t tried SuperCal before. Was there any other color calibrators you used instead?


No, any suggestions?


@Candi It’s hard to say, it depends on what type of display your Mac has and how much adjustment you want to do.


ok, thanks Malyse :slightly_smiling_face:.