Clip Studio Paint x OBS Streaming Issue


Hi everyone / developers of Astropad,

I am currently using Astropad Studio , and I must need to say Astropad Studio is doing a great job compared to what Astropad was when it initially released.

There are some glitches / issues I still keep facing when I am using Astropad with CLIP Studio Paint , and I would like to share it here (with video! ) , to see if developers of Astropad could solve it or not. After this issue is solved , Astropad will become my dream application for tablet drawing!

Here is the issue:
When I draw lines in CSP, there is a random chance the stroke will become weird when it ends.
The chance to have this weird stroke happens all the time even when I don’t use OBS for live video streaming (around 100 strokes will happen once, which I could tolerate and continue drawing )
but after OBS is opened . even I am not starting the stream / recording , the chance for having a weird stroke will greatly increase to a 1/10 chance.
To know better what I am talking about, please have a look at my explanation video:

Is it possible to get rid of this problem at the next version?
Actually this problem happened since last year Astropad released , and it became better and better , but still it exists.

PS. Currently using latest version of CSP , latest version of Astropad Studio

Glitchy strokes with Astropad and Apple Pencil (iPad Pro)

the OBS i mentioned is this one : (macOS version )


USB connection or WiFi?


now I am using wifi.


That might be the chief problem. WiFi, even under the best of conditions, creates lag for Astropad, at least in my experience.


my internet connection is pretty good , and i have tried both usb and wifi, and the same problem appears.


@staryume Are there any wacom drivers installed on your Mac? If so, what is the version number?

Also, any use of third-party utilities, plugins, or drivers installed?

For example -
SteerMouse ver. 5

These are a few known to conflict input with Astropad.


currently using BetterTouchTool only.


@staryume If you disable it, is there any difference?


after some intensive testing this morning , I can confirm BetterTouchTool is the culprit .
now OBS also seems to be fine after BTT is closed.


@staryume Thanks for checking this, as well as updating us.
We appreciate your patience with this issue.

We’ll need to see how we can improve with BTT,
but at the moment we don’t recommend use with Astropad :frowning: