Clip Studio Paint, new 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil


Very frustrating using CSP rulers and curve features, anyone else having difficulties? Can’t seem to define curves, I wanna love astropad and even paid for the full year. The other issue is panning, when using 2 fingers to pan, it starts to draw a line! Anyone have remedies?


For two finger panning, do you have any wacom drivers installed on your Mac? If so, what version number?

For CSP rulers and curve, see if this works:
When you place Apple Pencil on screen, without lifting try dragging it where you need the curve to be.
Lifting your stylus, will also release this.

Let us know if this works or not. Apologies for any disappointment.


I did have wacom driver 6.3.22-3 installed, updated to 6.3.23-4 and
the panning works! Woohoo! I was getting worried… As for the curve,
it seems to skip and place itself on its own. Maybe I need a video
tutorial on how to make it work but the panning was driving me nuts so
I’m 95% satisfied :slight_smile:



Hi Mike,

Glad that fixed the panning issue!
We’ll have to see what we can do with to improve use with the curve tool/similar click and drag functions.

See if this helps:

Set a fingers + Apple Pencil Magic Gesture to Hover.
After you make the line in CSP, use hover and at the same time drag and tap your stylus
to adjust the size and direction of the curve.

Remove your fingers, and tap at the same spot to keep the curve in place.