Changing shortcuts from photoshop to Affinity Photo


Just new to this site, and purchased an iPad Pro so that I could use Astropad with Affinity Photo. I am having trouble with setting the keyboard shortcuts from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. They just don’t seem to work. Have been able to find some great tips here and have downloaded the manual but need help.
Would be very appreciative for assistance.


Has Astropad clarified or provided a solution to this issue as there does not seem to be a response/reply and this is an older post…perhaps Astropad Studio fixes this or provides clear instructions? I ask because I am weighing buying the coming release of the iPad 12.9 Pro in 2017 vs the new Cintiq Pro and Astropad Studio seems to get the iPad to a semi professional to profession level of usefulness. Yet as I read through the forum there seem to be quite a few issues?


Shortcuts work great in Astropad Studio. You can have different sets for different applications and arrange them however you like. And you can add lots more than in the basic Astropad. There’s also additional touch gestures you can customize. Works great for me. I prefer it over the two Cintiq Companions I had.


@CFV For Astropad Studio, there is the ability to have different Shortcuts sets, including one for Affinity Photo and Designer. These can be changed, added on, or edited at any time.

Astropad Standard’s shortcuts are preset to Photoshop, and will need to be changed to accommodate Affinity Photo or Designer.


Thank you both for the information. I am just returning to the field after many years, so a bit rusty and the world of digital technology has changed dramatically (I have found coming back to photoshop is not like riding a bike!) I do not like the subscription Adobe requires now, particularly after owning the suite may years ago. I find Affinity a pretty good substitute. I mention all of this because just coming back to this are there instructions to change the shortcuts from Photoshop to Affinity Photo and Designer or do you have familiarity with where I might find them. Thanks again


@CFV How to change the shortcuts for Astropad’s sidebar -

On your Mac, in Astropad’s top menu bar, select ‘Preferences’.
It will open a window with editable shortcuts for the sidebar.

Click “Set” and the type the command on your Mac, and it will register to the Shortcuts sidebar.

Affinity Designer keyboard shortcut commands are list on their site, and they provide a more detailed pdf -