Brush size problems


@jarek_lensa we are aiming for ETA next year.


That’s a really big range, like should we expect something in the spring, summer, or fall of 2017?


@jarek_lensa ETA early 2017, Spring at latest.


I’m using a Swedish keyboard and the workaround for me was making custom keyboard shortcuts for brush size in Photoshop on my Mac. So instead of the brackets I’m now using “ö” and “ä”. Then I’ve put the same shortcuts in Astropad for Brush+ and Brush- and it works great.


Great tip,girl. Exactly what I was looking for.
Choose the same shortcut in both:
Photoshop/Edit/Keyboard shortcuts/Shortcuts for: Tools/Increase(decrease)brushsize
Astropad/Settings/Open Mac preferences/Brush+ (Brush-)
and you’re done!
(I have a ‘european’ keyboard;-)
Tnx a lot!