Brush size problems


I’m trying this program out, but i can’t seem to change brush size in photoshop with the hotkey in astropad (on iPad).
i have a macbook pro 13" 2012 and a ipad air 2, using a fake photoshop (might be the issue?)



What do you mean by “Fake Photoshop”? What version of photoshop, or other program are you using?


Pretty sure its Photoshop CC i have


Do you have an international keyboard (ie not US)?


Sorry for the long response. Im from Denmark, so i have a dansih keyboard (letters like æøå is included)


I can use the other shortscuts like eraser brush undo redo. But brush+ and brush- doesnt work


We have a problem with international keyboard… We will need to fix that!


You can adjust brush size and opacity interactively, using control+option keys pressed when using Photoshop.


whats then the Brush+/- buttons are good for?


@verstaerker For Photoshop, it decreases and increases the brush tool size.
This can be change to another shortcut for other programs by going to Astropad’s Preferences on the Mac side.


no it doesn’t do anything - there was nothing entered in the prefs


@verstaerker The shortcuts fields are blank? Please take a screenshot of the window from Astropad’s Mac Preferences, so we can get a better idea what’s occurring.

Also, are you using an international keyboard?

Apologies for the inconvenience.


i’m using a german keyboard

i can’t show you a screenshot with the empty fields, as i was trying to modify this
and i failed to reset my prefs … i deleted all Astropad plist files.
Do you have any other place/name were you store your prefs?


@verstaerker I would recommend entering your desired shortcuts.
How to do this -
In the shortcuts Preferences, Click “Set” and type the command on your Mac. It will register in the text field.

Let us know if there is any issue with this.

If you would like to revert back to default commands -
hold down option/alt key while launching Astropad’s Mac app.


i know how to set my shortcuts … but i don’t know a shortcut for photoshop to size brushes. Anyone?

here’s the prefs of Astropad

how are these shortcuts are app-specific. They seem only global to me!?


@verstaerker Brush+ is ] and Brush- is [ on US keyboard.

I think it’s different for German keyboard, Brush+ is # and Brush- is '
at least that is what’s shown on the Adobe site:


ah thanks… that works


an what about the app-specific shortcuts? The word-app-specific in prefs-window let me think i can define these setting per app i’m using, but it looks like cannot. It’s just a global thing!? Or am i overseeing something here?


@verstaerker There isn’t an ability to have per app saved sets, it’s a feature we’re working on and currently in development.
At the moment, shortcuts need to be re-entered for each program and/or different shortcuts in use.


What’s the ETA on per app shortcut sets?