Bamboo Fineline (v3)


Attempting to use a Bamboo Fineline (3rd gen) results in a red X. It connects fine and shows the name of the stylus and battery level, but any attempt to use it as an actual stylus does not work.

Macbook Pro - OSX 10.11.6
iPad Air 2 - 10.3.2




Hi Michael,

Unfortunately there is a bug on our end, but a fix for this issue will be released soon.

At this time, we would recommend use in finger mode with the Fineline 3.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Good to know. Thank you! : )


when will there be a solution for this problem?


@Paul_Judt The recent update has a fix for this.
Both Mac and iPad apps will need to be updated.


Have the same problem and it is September 19, 2017


@marta Please explain more details on what you’re experiencing.

On your iPad, try turning off and back on bluetooth. Sometimes that restarts connection.

Re-syncing the stylus can help reestablish connection.
On your Mac, go to Astropad’s Preferences, and click the “Stylus” tab.
At the bottom of the window, click “Remove stylus”. Then try pairing on your iPad again.