Astropad Studio: Magic Gestures: Middle Mouse Button


Not sure what this is for, but then again I have never used this button. Something that may be more generally useful would be Mouse Wheel. If this gesture is used, the pencil would then work like rolling the mouse wheel to scroll. This would be useful for general scrolling, for instance, in the left or right Lightroom panels, to scroll them up or down; or the LR filmstrip to scroll left or right.


It’s actually huge for those of us trying to use 3d apps like Maya or Modo with Astropad, since the MMB is typically used to navigate through your scene. Sounds like ther are many customization options, however, so hopefully you can get the result you need as well. Really look forward to checking out the new feature set.


Yes, an additional option for one to choose and set. Don’t know whether it’s easier to consider Mouse Wheel using pencil as the direction indicator, or more generally a pan/zoom/dolly/scroll gesture setting.


That’s good idea, we should look into it.