AstroPad Studio - "Hover Simulation"


One of the features listed in the the specs for AstroPad Studio is “Hover Simulation”

Can someone please explain how to activate this feature in Studio? (Assuming its not on by default - as I can not “hover” over anything)

Thank you!



hey, I’m looking through the manual and its seems you have to set it up under magic gesture. The one finger gesture is set to “eraser” but you can change it to “hover” by clicking on the button.


Find the settings for Magic Gestures (on iPad Astropad). By default 3 are set: Eraser, Right Mouse, and Modifier (symbol for option key). I changed the last of those to hover, by tapping the Modifier setting. Now 3 finger tap + pencil movements act like hover.


Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!!


I’m trying to get it to work with Rebelle. I managed to change the keyboard combination in Rebelle for the eraser from E to “command-E” and now the one finger press activates the eraser. But then I don’t see a way to go back to the Brush without using the keyboard or by creating a keyboard shortcut on the sideboard. It would be great to be able to set a keyboard shortcut to be activated by a single tap and another keyboard combo for a double tap. … one finger single tap activates eraser and a double tap with single finger activates brush. …

or maybe I’m missing something.

… update … I thought I’d been able to at least get the eraser to work by a one finger press, but now even that isn’t working. I can get it to work using the keyboard or by setting up a keyboard shortcut in the side panel, but the taps and touches aren’t working for me on Rebelle at least.


In addition to what other user are saying I would suggest you to watch the magic gesture video to get an idea of how this feature work:


is there a way to make this always on (sans gestures)? with large custom brushes its especially helpful to know where the brush is and isnt landing


I’m confused. How would this work? If “hover” was always on, all you could do is move the host cursor around the screen and not be able to do anything. You’d need some other gesture or screen button to simulate “tap”. Seems that would get tiresome pretty quickly.


@Shane_Troggio There isn’t a way to keep this constantly active.
We could only simulate “hover” as a workaround; since for iPad, information is registered from the stylus only when it touches the screen.


Thanks for sharing.I was trying to Ca ch the gesture combo for middle mous button but the camera ange covered the finger gesture and pencil stroke.Did anyone catch it.


@urthlemon In the video, middle mouse was set to three fingers + Pencil.

Middle mouse can be set to any of the Finger + Pencil Magic Gestures.


Is it possible to program a 5 finger and i pencil stroke into an LMB …


@urthlemon Unfortunately no, but that is a neat idea :slight_smile:

Maybe something for us to consider.
Do you think 5 finger + Pencil would be more useful, or easier?


This is a bit of a far fetched answer but my colleagues use
procreate.Procreate is all about keystrokes and gestures .Imo it would
probably be easier if the Astropad mouse button functions stayed within the
magic gesture family.Just because I have seen how comfortable they where
with it.


I figured out the best workaround for this system.In Blender the space bar
brings in all the shortcuts ( since there are so many to memorize) and as
far as left mouse button goes,I will just use the lmb on my mouse.
But I am still hoping that you will eventually go with a five finger stroke
( no pun intended)…programmed into the system.Unless,of course there is a
way to program this myself…


The hover magic gesture works, but is a little clumsy to use.

I use an Apple Pencil. Sometimes when I get dust on my iPad screen, I brush it off with my finger. I get the prompt “Do you want to enable finger mode?”. No, I never do.

It occurred to me that maybe this could be an OPTION in Astropad. Instead of asking about finger mode, can we turn that prompting OFF and then use single finger mode as a magic gesture, in particular, for hover?

Then we can move the cursor around with a single finger (unless we’re interacting with Astropad’s buttons). Two finger scrolling and panning stays as currently implemented. Switch to Pencil to draw normally.





So if I understand well: you would like tap on the screen with your finger and have your cursor move there?

Can you describe to me a situation where this would be useful for you?
I am trying to picture how this could benefit the workflow of artists like you.

Thank you!

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product


Hi Giovanni… short answer: yes. But more importantly, I would like to do be able to do the hover gesture with a single finger. To move my finger around the screen and have the cursor follow it. In order to do this, I would need to be able to disable Astropad Studio’s current behavior of prompting me if I want to enable finger mode when I touch the screen with my finger. Since I use an Apple Pencil, I never want to use single finger mode for drawing on the host screen. Yes, I use a finger (and/or the pencil) on the Astropad buttons and controls, but not on the drawing screen.

I would use this anywhere I currently use a two-finger gesture for hover: to reposition my cursor so I may better see a brush size adjustment. To hover over a (host) tool icon or link to see its hover help popup. But it is clumsy to hold down two fingers and then move the cursor with the pencil to trigger the popup. Why not accept the idea that if I want to draw or click, I use the pencil, as I do now, but if I want to move my cursor around without clicking or drawing anything (ie hover), I use my single finger? I understand I sacrifice (disable) the option of using “single finger mode” in Astropad Studio. I’m ok with that.

It seems a simple concept in my mind, but I know it’s kind of a different philosophy from what Astropad (Standard) was founded on (that touching the screen is the interaction) but since we now have Astropad Studio and dedicated styluses, the simple finger touch operation can be just a host cursor move. That to me would be the most ergonomic and simple implementation of “hover” yet.

I do like the two finger scrolling that works today in Astropad Studio, so I would not want to mess with that gesture. I don’t see how single finger hover would interfere, it should be easily distinguishable.


The only possible area of confusion is something I don’t think Astropad Studio supports now. That would be a gesture that involves touching the host/drawing screen with a finger AND drawing with a pencil or stylus. I can’t think of anywhere this is done other than magic gestures in particular the current implementation of hover. If there were such a single finger + pencil gesture case, then there is an issue on which happens first, the finger or the pencil, because in my proposal, the finger would move the host cursor. This case could probably be remedied by placing the pencil first, then the finger (sort of like a modifier key). But I don’t think this gesture combination is used in the current product anyway. My proposal does open up the possibility of defining and using such a gesture in the future.