AstroPad Studio crashing on connect with AstroPad Studio IOS app


Hi AstroPad team!

First off, great product. Love it on the MBP and iMac.

So, here’s my situation. I’m working on developing in a virtual environment and wanted to give AstroPad Studio a try to allow for a great headless environment. The application installs on the MacOSX installation and when I link the iPad Pro and the VM instance, they see one another over Wifi. However, on attempt to connect, the Mac OS X companion app crashes. It does this each and every time.

Here is a screencap of the error output:

Does AstroPad Studio rely on bluetooth in addition to Wifi? Or perhaps something else? I think headless Mac OS X is a great use case for AstroPad/AstroPadStudio. In anycase, going to add bluetooth and a few other things to continue debugging on my side.

I realize this is an out of norms/not really supported use case, but thought to ask to see if there was a straightforward solution.


Unfortunately, Astropad does not have support for this setup.
Use with VM is already limited; we don’t have any workaround for this use case.