Astropad Studio - can I close my MBP?


I just got Astropad Studio and I have a question. I am out (on the road) quite bit working so to conserve space, on say a table at a coffee shop, I would love to be able to close my MBP and lay my iPad Pro on top of it and work. The problem is Astropad disconnects when I close my MBP. Any advice?

Also, I am trying to zoom and move the canvas around in PS CC but using 2 fingers doesn’t quite seem to do it. Any instruction available on this?



Twice now, it appears that the Astropad Studio Mac side component app has crashed when my Mac comes back from sleep. It must be Force Quit and restarted to continue.


I’ve had the same issue.


Pesto, sort of like running your MacBook in clamshell mode when connected to an external monitor. That would be a cool feature. I’ve also wanted Astropad to have the ability to wake my computer from sleep after stepping away for a bit.


Regarding the 2 finger pan/zoom, I can only say it is working for me, in Photoshop. Not so much elsewhere (e.g. Corel Painter… it sort of wants to work, shows the red zoom + or - icon, or the pan tool, but doesn’t reliably change the view. This was true after defining Astropad shortcuts for Zoom +/- same as Photoshop).

I have a feeling the magic gestures are going to need to be definable on a per application basis. I was playing around in Painter last night and defined 3 finger + pencil tap as Modifier Cmd + Option, this brings up the onscreen brush size adjuster in Painter. However, the similar but different onscreen brush adjuster in Photoshop is Ctrl + Option, so ideally, I’d like to be able to set this accordingly per app.

One other thing that is still a little mysterious to me (and may be a factor if you aren’t getting finger pinch zoom), is the popup about using “finger mode”. While checking some shortcuts in Safari via Astropad, I realized that I could get Safari itself to scroll with 2 fingers, but that after the finger mode popup. The next time I touched with the Pencil it turned finger mode off and said Magic Gestures were available again. So for me, it looks like it is doing the right thing, although the exact logic behind it is a little unclear. For example, normally, in Photoshop using the pencil, if I try to use a finger tap it shows the red finger press but it has an X in it and doesn’t do anything, That’s not a problem, just not sure what causes what to happen here yet.

Anyway, I mention it in case it might have some bearing on your issue of not getting pinch zoom to work.


Another case of Zoom gesture not functioning with Corel.
Hope you guys see this.


Download an application called Insomnia X, I believe you will need to disable SIP if you haven’t already (google it if you don’t know how)