Astropad studio? $ 64 a year? Really?


I haven’t used astropad for a long long time since I can’t tolerate the pixelate problem,but today I found an app called astropad studio. When I download it and read the discribtion, I was angry and totally regret for my $24.99 cost for the stupid astropad “standard” app. I’be been waiting for the update for a long long time, and now I feel abandoned because the “standard” remains unusable and it has already become a “lite” version.

You know, Procreate is only $5.99, it’s awesome without stupid pixelate problem and function like a full version of Photoshop. How dare the team priced the unusable astropad standard as $25.99?? As a creative designer and illustrator, I was really exciting and willing to support such an iPad Pro app which can protencially replace the Wacom Cintiq, that’s why I paid for astropad and didn’t use it at all. I was hoping someday at lease the pixelate issue can be solved and I’ll defiantly pick it up. But here comes the astropad studio…

Frankly speaking, I don’t think astropad team can solve the pixelate problem in the future. It’s a hardware issue and it’s very stupid to keep paying for astropad studio. Procreate app proved that the iPad Pro can perfectly work as the Wacom cintiq do, what we need is only an updated the connection port of the iPad Pro. I guess someday there will be an adaptor came out from apple and solve all these problem. As for astropad, it just a toy.


Astropad worked great for me. And they keep updating an improving it, so there’s no reason you couldn’t use it still. Astropad Studio is even better and has many extra pro features that are worth the cost to me. If I didn’t want to pay for those, I’d be fine still working with the Astropad app as is. I had very little pixelation with the original and even less with Studio. I think the quality varies greatly depending on your computer and network (if you aren’t connecting it with cable) so maybe your issues aren’t the same for every one else.

I like procreate, but it doesn’t work for my workflow where I need Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, and that’s the case for most artists I know.

I use a big Cintiq 27 in my studio but I also love using my iPad Pro and pencil with Astropad and now Astropad Studio for a break from the big workstation, or to travel along with a MacBook Pro. I sold my Cinitq Companion 2 because the iPad Pro was lighter and more like a real sketchbook and Astropad made it possible to use as a replacement.

For me Procreate is a toy and Astropad (Studio) is a professional tool I can use.


I know there are many of people who can totally ignore the pixelation. I just can’t dear with that while using PS without precise monitoring. We can’t switch to a certain resolution in this app which makes it even worse to use. Probably someone can still sketch with it, to me it just can be use for serious artwork production. In a word, even the Astropad studio is still an beta software and needs much up date to work as Wacom Cintiq. Personal thoughts.


Wow. A little stressed out dude? Calm down. I love AstroPad. It does everything I need it to do. It completely changed how I teach online. In fact, though the standard version is enough for me, I will subscribe to the the new version just to help fund future development. I don’t actually need some of the new capabilities but I support developers who create useful apps for me.

Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t make it a stupid app. If you’d like to get some help and or attention, try civility. You are more likely to be taken seriously. If you have some problem with pixelation (which I don’t) perhaps contacting the developers the minute you discovered it would have been a better approach that bitching about the money you paid.


Well I didn’t said it’s a stupid app, otherwise I won’t have bought it at the beginning. It just can’t reach my expectation and the price is ridicules to me. I have never rate it one star either, if fact if it really solve the pixelation problem, I might pick it up again. What I’m bitching here today is not only my opinion, I’m sure many others have the same idea that the current version of adtropad is a beta app


I think PGross is a bit harsh in calling Procreate a toy, it’s a really full featured application and probably the best on iOS with PSD export and import… though he is right that it can’t be integrated into many professional workflows yet. They are getting closer and it’s hard to know if Procreate might become a better solution than Astropad which makes subscribing to Astropad kinda sucky.

At the end of the day Astropad probably has to move to subscription to meet the expectations of their customers, but I agree that the current price is too high and they didn’t handle the transition well for customers who bought Astropad.

If pixelation is your main problem you could try Duet and the drawing upgrade. It also lets you draw on a second screen instead of just mirroring. Not sure what you mean by switching to a certain resolution but they have screen resolution options too.


Wentao_Huang, did you even try the trial version of Astropad Studio to see if your pixelation issues are gone? It could be an problem with your connection.

Have you tried using a cable connection instead of wi-fi? Another trick I tried was to plug in a 2nd router that was not connected to the internet. But I can connect to it and use it only for Astropad. Then I don’t have any interference from a bad internet connection.

I do not have any noticeable pixelation except when I use very large brushes on full-screen views.


I apologize for calling Procreate a toy. I think it’s a great program but I can’t use it professionally in my work flow as a comic artist. So for me it’s fun (that’s where the toy came in) but not a possible replacement for Clip Studio. I’m happy as can be, wandering around my house with my iPad Pro and Astropad Studio and drawing wherever I want to.


Not sure if I’ve ever posted to this forum before, but I just wanted to chime in on whether Astropad Studio is “worth it” or not. To me, it most definitely is. Warning: long post!

I bought Astropad before I even considered getting an iPad Pro. The app in itself was, to me, a possibility that an iPad (at the time, my old iPad 4gen, or an iPad Pro which back then was too big to even consider) might become my next drawing tablet. I was checking out Wacom’s mobile offerings, but nothing felt really suitable to me.
When I finally caved in and bought the iPad Pro 9.7, Astropad was half the reason. Because; while I hadn’t had experienced what it would really be like working daily with the app, I had kept a close watch on the development. Amazing improvements were happening, and fast. I started using the app more and more, and around christmas, I had gotten to the point when I was using my iPad more for commercial work and personal project than the ol’ $1800~(?) Wacom 22’'HD. By then, Astropad was simply indispensable.

So, when the subscription model was unveiled, I was in fact content with what I had. Like, it already had everything I could ask for. Still, there were no hesitations whether I should get a subscription or not. The original app had already made money for me – or, more accurately – it had allowed me to make money easily due to it constantly getting better.
I can now use the same gestures in Astropad and Procreate. I can storyboard, sketch, ink, whatever I want, and it’s saving time as well as making work easy and fun. $64 is a bargain, I pay way more for Creative Cloud but would much sooner skip the latter subscription. If I suddenly go broke, it’s not like the original app would stop working either.

So, no, I do not agree with your reasoning at all. :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree, Jarek. If you think about traditional art supplies, I think of Procreate as a highly functional travel art set. This includes traveling to your couch btw!

I’m a Corel Painter person (and of course, Photoshop), and I find I’m constantly defending desktop tools on the Procreate communities … I surely cannot understand why one would also have to defend native drawing apps on this community. It’s so simple. Artists cannot have enough art supplies :smiley: