Astropad Standard and Screen Problem


Hi guys, i am using standart astropad. I have 15inch macbook pro macOs sierra and 12.9 inch ipad pro. When i connected these devices to each other, screen of ipad has some problems. Top of the screen is black and i cant fix the problem in no circumtances. Can this problem be related to ios version?


Please send us a video of this occurring to support[at]
What is the year of your Macbook Pro?

Try turning off Use ColorSync in-app, and see if this makes a difference

  1. Quit the iPad app, by pressing the home button and swiping up on Astropad
  2. Launch the Astropad Mac app
  3. Go to Astropad’s top menu bar, hold down the option/alt key and at the same time click “Preference”
  4. This will enable the Debug tab, click it.
  5. Then turn off “Use ColorSync”.
    Relaunch Astropad on your iPad.


I have a mid 2015 MacBook pro. Using sierra…


Does turning off “Use ColorSync”, make any difference?


I have same issue. I followed the perscription you’ve included here and turning off use color sync did nothing. When is this issue getting fixed because as it stands astropad is totally unusable and cost me 30 bucks…


@Hayden_Owens Please send us an email to support so we can better assist with the issue –
support [at]