Astropad problem


Hi my name is Herbie Lindstrom and I use Astropad Standard with an iPad 3, i/Mac & basic stylus with which I have been quite satisfied with.
However recently when using the brush tool in both Painter and Photoshop for a period of time the cursor suddenly defaults to the move tool and remains locked within this function.
The only way I can regain functionality is to reboot my computer in which case the work I am on is lost and has to be restarted.
Is this a problem that other users have experienced and how could I resolve it.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hello! I have the exact same problem. My post about it is a few posts down from yours. I pretty much only use Corel Painter. Even though when astropad works, its a great experience drawing on the iPad, having to restart when you forget about moving around really, really sucks lol.

They say they are working on it. Hopefully they will have a fix soon.


Many thanks for the email.
Am glad to hear that the problem is not on my side. Will just have to wait and hope it does not take to long to rectify.