Astropad or not ? ( need help)


Hello everyone im Florian,a photographer and a graphic design student. I have a wacom draw and it just died. Ill make it simple :

  • Mac user
  • Main task is to retouch photos and create artwork using adobe software.

my problem : Wacom intuos pro or ipad pro with astropad ?

I love wacom because i know it is one of the best out there and its it reliable. But at the same time i love apple and wanted to have tablet with a screen on which i can edit on.
The thing is that im afraid to get astropad. im afraid that its laggy , not accurate and make me waste my money.

What i want from you guys is to tell me if it worth getting an ipad pro with astropad. Thanks


Much as I like Astropad Studio, I don’t think I would like it as my SOLE work tool. I use a Wacom Intuous Pro normally. Most of the time I like to work on that, especially if I will be using the keyboard a lot (typing or modifier keys). Plus I’ve gotten used to using the Wacom for most work but scrolling using two fingers of my left hand (I’m right handed) on the computer trackpad. This is the most efficient for me.

I use Astropad Studio when I want to relax and work away from the computer, or especially want direct screen editing capabilities. Photo retouching is a good example, PS clone stamp takes a little getting used to with Astropad’s onscreen Opt key but once you get the hang of it, it goes well.

Once upon a time I thought I might want a very expensive Wacom Cintiq but Astropad has definitely given me a more cost effective alternative for that.


I was also looking to replace my Wacom Intuos Pro by using Astropad / New iPad Pro but unfortunately I didn’t really need the monitor mirroring aspect of Astropad. Working away from my main work station was not my priority and I spent a lot of money on an Eizo monitor as I need to do color correction as well as retouching. Astropad surpassed my needs as all I wanted was to use the amazing pen abilities of an iPad pro as a graphics tablet. I could have spent half as much money on a new Intuos but I would be missing all the amazing capabilities of an iPad. Ive been told that software will be available with the release of OS11 in the Fall or shortly thereafter but I can’t be sure. That being said, I LOVE the new and iPad there was no way I would have parted with it so I’ll stick with my old Intuos for now and wait for Wacom-Like software to be developed. Hope this helps!


Echoing what others have said, I prefer to use my Intuos at my desk, and I use Astropad when I’m working at a coffee shop or whatever. I like Astropad for when I have a constrained workspace and can benefit from drawing directly on the screen; if I have a lot of room, the Intuos works better for me, workflow-wise.

For me the biggest downside to Astropad is the lack of stylus hover support (which is a Pencil limitation); Studio sorta fakes it but not in a way that’s actually useful to me.

Really it depends on what you’re more comfortable with. If you prefer the 1:1 experience of drawing on a screen, Astropad is the better option. If you have a workflow that relies a lot on stylus hover or you really hate looking down at the tablet while you work or whatever, an Intuos is a better choice.

That said, “Why not both?” If you already have the iPad, then Astropad isn’t that expensive, and you can try it out and then still have it as a tool for when you want 1:1 on-screen drawing. And you can use it as a stopgap while you wait for your new Intuos to arrive. :slight_smile:

Also, in the iPad’s favor, I actually find that its pen tracking is better than the Wacom, which still has a little bit of wobble. You can test this by putting a non-conductive (e.g. plastic or wood) straightedge on the screen at an angle and slowly draw a line against it. Wacom tablets - large ones especially - wobble significantly. Cheap Monoprice/UCLogic/etc. ones are even worse. The Pencil doesn’t wobble at all, so far as I’ve seen. (That said this is more of an issue for someone doing precision inking than it would really matter for photo retouching.)