Astropad + Mojave


I didn’t see anything written about this anywhere, but I may have missed it so forgive please if I have. But, i popped the beta of Mojave on a machine and when I used Astropad with it, I didn’t have pressure sensitivity with my Apple Pencil. Now, I know Mojave also breaks the pressure sensitivity with Wacom drivers, so I was hoping Astropad would be a good way to test Mojave. Anyone else have this happen?



Update… i found in the depths of the internet that to allow for pressure sensitivity with my wacom tablet and photoshop i had to add photoshop to the accessibility system preference. wondering if that is needed to do with astropad studio?


Thanks for the added information, we are adding compatibility for this.

Since Mojave is still in beta right now, we cannot guarantee performance with Astropad.
We are currently working on updating our apps to support both Mojave and iOS 12, and fixing issues as they come up.

At the moment, we don’t recommend use of Mojave with Astropad, unfortunately.


I tested this last night and it worked. So, if there are any other public beta testers, this is a solution if you want to use astropad with the public beta.