Astropad key features do not work with Adobe Lightroom CC and iPad Pro and Apple Pencil


the following two key features only work with Adobe Photoshop creative cloud and not Adobe Lightroom creative cloud. I have a 13in iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, astropad - all updated to the latest versions as of April 16, 2016.

  • Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity on a 13in iPad Pro does not work when using Adobe Lightroom creative cloud with the latest version (April 16, 2016).

  • the pinch and zoom feature to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom creative cloud also does not work.

These are the two key features needed to edit in Adobe Lightroom and only providing in for Adobe Photoshop is very disappointing as I do 90% of my edits in Adobe Lightroom.

Please confirm if this will be fixed in a software update astropad or am I missing some setting in Adobe Lightroom?


We are working to improve compatibility of touch panning and zooming for Lightroom.
Currently, they do not work.

Relating to pressure,
Check to make sure Apple Pencil’s tip is securely tightened. Sometimes it loosens with use.
You may have to press the stylus down a little bit harder for different pressure values.

If it still doesn’t have pressure sensitivity at all, please email us at support[at]


Thank you for the response. Still not having luck with pencil and pressure sensitivity in Lightroom. It works just fine in Photoshop so the tip of the pencil is fine.

Can you share when the pinch and zoom features will be available for Lightroom?




Is this issue been fixed? Am planning to get an iPad Pro to go with Astropad to do my photo post processing in Lightroom.


pressure/tilt don’t work for me with this combo, either - I can see this feature being really cool - I hope it’s coming soon.


Are there any updates on getting Astropad to work with Lightroom? Now that Apple is supporting Raw files with the release of iOS 10 and Lightroom Mobile is supporting editing Raw files, it would seem that this should be a priority.


Any news on this one? We’re also interested in pursuing this option.