Astropad issues


My name is Ippokratis Bournellis and I tried both Astropad and Astropad studio on my iPad Pro 13’’ with Apple Pencil, with a MacBook Air 8gb ram, intel 5000.

Palm rejection does not work.
You have to hold the pencil in a certain way so it can write without interruptions, continuously. The way I hold it, the lines brake.

I am interested in your product, duet display is worse than Astropad but these two issues are showstoppers.
I hope that you ‘ll manage to iron them soon.

Kind regards,


Wait until you have to turn Astropad OFF on your desktop to stop the Beachball of Death and get a command to go through on Affinity Designer or Photo.
Then you can really break out the corn chips and party hats.


@Ippokratis Sorry to hear.
What programs are you using with Astropad?
And what Mac OS and iOS are installed?

Is there any Wacom drivers installed on your Mac? If so, do you know the version number?

Also, any third-party plugins, utilities, or drivers installed on your Mac?

For example -
SteerMouse ver. 5
Share Mouse

These are a few known to conflict input with Astropad.