Astropad, Illustrator CS6 & Ipad Mini 2 and Stylus! HELP!


Hey Guys

Just signed up to hopefully get some help!

This may have been covered in the past or you guys may think im stupid for asking but thought i would give it a try!

Basically i Have just got astropad and want to use it with Illustrator CS6 and a Ipad Mini 2. I want to be able to draw with pressure brush strokes, I cant seem to click the option for pressure at the moment when setting up a brush with the blob brush tool,
so i just wanted to know if its possible with what i have.

I am yet to buy a stylus as well for the mini as im not sure which to go for so some advice there would be great to.
Apple pen maybe? or does this only work for ipad pro?

Any help would be amazing




Hi Ryan,
You’ll need to install a Wacom driver to enable pressure, pressure sensitivity in Illustrator only turns on when one is installed.
More info here:

Also, you’ll need a Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus, our recommended stylus list:

Apple Pencil is only compatible with iPad Pro models, unfortunately.



Thanks for that!

I have just purchased the Adonit Pixel so fingers crossed it turns up asap and it does everything i wish!

Thanks again