Astropad for PC?


I keep coming back each year checking if there’s any plans on going for PC support, and I’m keep getting the ”next year" answer, next year its coming, but I’m starting to lose hope for a Pc release really happening.

So I’ll ask again…is there any real plans on a PC release? or should I just forget about astropad?


Our statement from April -


Thanks for the reply. I’ll be getting Duet display then


Duet display on pc sucks compared to astropad.

Doesn’t use the full screen of the ipad, looks like pixelated garbage, is buggy as hell, and the updates don’t auto update. This is just my experience and yes I have to deal with it because there’s no alternative but still. It sucks. I really wish astropad would release something on pc.


Would be really nice if you could get it up and running for PC.
Why not try something like kickstarter to get the funds and hire some more people - to fix it up to beta?
Pretty sure you guys would hit the goal pretty quickly.