Astropad does not work with Corel Painter


Tilt and Zoom aren’t working for me.


@jarek_lensa Pressure sensitivity works fine though?

Astropad touch gestures panning and zooming are not compatible with Corel Painter yet.
We’re working on adding support for this.


Isn’t tilt supposed to be working?


@jarek_lensa There is support for tilt with Apple pencil, being able to draw at different angles.
Is it not working with Painter? What settings are used in the “Advanced Brush Controls”?
Are any “Expressions” adjusted?


Will look at this later, but I don’t change defaults often. Migrating computers at the moment.


You have to calibrate your brush. In painter, there is “calibration” fo rthe whole of corel painter (sort of a default type setting), but then there is calibration for each brush for really fine tuning each brush to your working style. Astropad can throw that calibration off the first time you use the brush. I’ve gone in and recalibrated and it seems fine fter that.


I originally had Painter 2016 when I first got astropad. I think it was working ok but i did not like the pixelation issues that the original version of Astropad had. The new version seems to have fixed that and works much more smoothly … but unfortunately I upgraded both Astropad and Painter at the same time (not the smartest thing to do… ). Both work great together for me … but I did have to noodle through issues and figure out the brush calibration issue/resolution.