Astropad does not work with Corel Painter


Hi I am a professional artist illustrator and have been using Photoshop and Painter in combination for years now paired with an Wacom Intuos graphics pad on my Mac Pro.
I thought the Astropad might be useful in allowing me to use painter away from the Mac.
Unfortunately the cursor moves around fine but it will not allow any functions to take place. This is a shame as Painter is by far the best natural media software out there for professionals and would have made Astropad a real asset for producing artwork. Without this ability it is a far cry from a budget alternative to a Cintique when away from the graphics pad.
Any plans to sort compatibility soon.


For version Astropad 1.0 we really focused on Photoshop.
Going forward we want to improve support with all Mac Creative Apps.

I am happy to tell you that the Painter Team has reached out to us and we are talking to them.
We will keep you posted as more creative apps get full Astropad support.


Fantastic. Is this a big undertaking? Will it be in months rather than years


That’s really good news. I look forward to the update and hope its not too long.


It will be in months. Once we have an understanding how to best tackle the issue I can provide a better time estimate.

But rest assure, this is a priority for Astropad.


folks…still working on getting astropad to work with painter?

AND, is astropad fine with photoshop at this point?

thanks fior any advice…Jordan

PS - am asking as astropad will be responsible for a jump to the ipad pro.


Hi Jordan,
here is an independent review using Photoshop:

We work great with PS as you can see.

Painter should work too! I havent test it recently tho.


Thanks very much! Am abt to take the astropad plunge.



I just tried using the new Astropad for iPad Pro and it works fantastic for Photoshop. Does not work with Painter 2015, could you advise on possible set up or settings within Corel Painter that would make it work? I use both Photoshop and Painter and I would love to be able to use Astropad in Corel Painter!


I’m hoping AstroPad will support Painter Essentials 5 as well as the full version of Painter. This was the reason I bought AstroPad to use with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I hope you are working on this and it will be implemented soon. Thanks.


Hi Sean…did you get a response re Painter 15 (and 16)? Am in the same boat using PS/Painter and need this app if I am going to get the ipadPro…lemme know?



Pressure and Tilt works in Painter 2016, we have a number of users doing that.

We are missing support for the Zoom & scrolling gesture, we are working on it. Those should come by Feb 2016.


Great news! Thanks Giovanni. :slightly_smiling:



You’re great. Painter 2015 is working faster than Photoshop CC2015, even with wi-fi connection.


really? Last time I tried it didn’t work ! Lack of support for Painter is a major blocker for me preventing me to adopt your solution.


We’re still working on supporting these features for Painter.
It has taken longer to add than anticipated, but we will have compatibility.

Let us know if you have further feedback.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.


Just to report, i have painter working great on the new version. I wrote a tip about working with the pen pressure. I’ve tried Astropad V3 with Corel Painter 2017.

To note, I’m using these with a MacBook Pro, mid 14 and the 13" iPad pro and pencil.


Thanks for informing us :slight_smile:
This information helps!


I have Corel Painter 2016 and it’s not working for me. Is this only for the 2017 version?


@jarek_lensa What features are not working in Painter 2016?