Astropad differences after upgrading to 2017 iPad Pro?


Just wondering if there are any Astropad users out there who have noticed any difference upgrading from the 1st to 2nd gen iPad Pro? Specifically interested in improvements in latency, if any, while using Apple Pencil. Also, is there a noticeable difference in brightness?


I am not an expert but Astropad Studio works at 60 frames per second and the new iPad Pro 2017 work at 120 fps. In fact this is the key advantage of the new ipad pro’s…

In other words, we would not notice any difference with the new iPad Pro and the current version of Astropad Studio.

I hope the developers at Astropad can take advantage of the new iPadPro’s features in short time, otherwise this is a disadvantage.

update 19th August 2017. I have purchased the iPad Pro 10.5", the updated Astropad with this tablet is awesome. I notice a huge improvent compared to previous versions and comparing with the older iPad Pro.
The lag is difficult to notice when connected to the laptop. The quality of the image and color has improved significantly.

I am more than happy. Congratulations to the Astropad team.


Thanks for responding. I went ahead and bought the 2nd gen iPad as the increased brightness was enough of a draw to warrant an upgrade.

I have noticed that the Apple Pencil works better with the new screen technology and makes for a more responsive experience while using astropad. It is only slight, but noticeable when you work on it all day everyday. I must say I’m pleased with the upgrade and the increased brightness eases the strain on my eyes since I work in a conservatory with an abundance of natural light


I have the new iPad pro 10.5" and used the ipad Air 2 before. The biggest difference is in the pen and palm rejection, which i could not blame or count towards Astropad :slight_smile: It works great!