Astro is dark this morning


Hello, I logged on this morning first to community to see the disgruntlement of some members having heard that Astropad had introduced a new improved version without grandfathering in early adopters - unwise. I’m just trying to learn the first version so don’t really need many more bells and whistles at this point (though it would have been nice to hear "thanks for joining - here’s something new). What I DO have a problem with, however, is turning on astropad this morning and having a dark screen. I get pixelated blinks of life, sometimes forming a 3 x 5 inch square on my iPad, and then it goes completely dark. This happens whether I have a wired or wife connection. Help.


Try this:

On Astropad app on the Mac, go into your Preferences. Then disable “ColorSync”.

Does the problem go away?