Apple Pencil pressure profile


Our apologies for the frustrations. We’re checking further into this issue.
Thanks for all the added screenshots and details.

For us to note as we’re testing, do you have any 3rd party plugins or drivers installed at all?


I had the software from my old Cintiq still on my Mac. But just deleted it all of it. I’ll see if it makes a difference…


Still the same issues. No matter what I do, the start of the stroke is still a large rounded blob. I can taper it off at the end, but still the problem at the start.


BTW, I keep seeing this error in the Brush window - “Control by pen pressure requires the use of a pressure sensitive tablet.” It’s almost like it’s not recognizing it…


Thanks for all the screenshots and details along the way.

We’re looking into a way to alleviate and solve this issue.
It may take some time to narrow down what the exact problem is.

Again, our apologies for the inconvenience.


So here’s a screen shot of me working in the SketchBook app. I thought it might be an issue with the Apple Pencil, but you can see I’m getting a nice beginning and end to every stroke.


Any ETA for a fix on this? Or is there a way for me to roll back to a previous version of Astropad?


We are currently looking into this issue with pressure, and do not have an ETA for this yet, unfortunately.


Any news on the pressure problem?


@andertoons What version of Sketchbook Pro are you on? I’m getting pencil pressure issues in SBP with my iPad Pro 9.7" and  Pencil.


I’m not sure. I looked around the iPad version but couldn’t easily find a version#.

My big problem is still that blobby start to my lines in PS CS5. It’s super frustrating and there seems to be no end in sight. Beginning to miss my Cintiq.


I ask because I’m having a similar problem in Sketchbook Pro. And just to be clear, I’m asking about the Sketchbook Pro version on your Mac. For example, here’s the version I’m using:

And for Astropad…


Sorry, not using SBP on my Mac, just on the iPad.

BTW, I just heard from someone at Astropad that a new build is on the way that should fix the pressure issue. Fingers crossed!!!


Hello I have a question for you,
I am new to digital drawing, so please be patient with my lack of knowledge.
I have used astro pad with my iPad pro and apple pencil. Drawing in the Procreate app and using astro pad to see it on my MacBook Pro. So i understand that much. I have just discovered Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and would like to use these on my MacBook pro instead of the Adobe programs because of the subscriptions. I feel the affinity apps would be cheaper for me in the long run because I only need them occasionally. So my question to you is there away to use astro pad on my iPad pro with Affinity Designer to see my drawing on my iMac monitor? or my MacBook ?
I am sorry if this is in the wrong place but i see that you mention Affinity Designer in Your post here.


@scrapper1115 Yeah your topic would probably warrant a new post, but not a big deal. I have Affinity Designer (AD) and Affinity Photo (AP) and Astropad works great with both. The UI is not made for mobile of course so it can be a little cumbersome at times which might be made easier with the 12.9" iPad Pro (I’m using a 9.7" model). Either way Astropad is fast and accurate. The Affinity products are super high quality and feature packed, and I don’t think you could go wrong buying the apps.

I should note that you can’t use the well known brushes from in AD/AP. They’re specific to Photoshop. But here are some great resources for AD/AP:


OK, so I’ve been playing with a new build with an option for using the old pressure setting and it’s fantastic. I feel like I have my old brush pen back!! So glad to see Astropad listening and helping out. Help is on the way everyone.


Should this be a function of the software (vs. astropad). Both Painter and Photoshop have their own pressure curves and the stylus/tablet reacts to that. I’ve use them while in Astropad and it seems to be working.