Apple Pencil pressure profile


Yep me too!. just set up my new iPad pro and Pencil with Photoshop on my iMac and have hit the same issue. Nowhere in the whole setup is there a slider to tweak the pressure sensitivity. Would seem like a no brainer… c’mon guys…


Just tried to use Astropad with Apple pencil and photoshop and I have to press way too hard to get brushes to work. These are just the standard brushes. Makes it pretty unusable. Very disappointed.


One thing that would be nice to take into account when building the pressure profile feature is compatability with Wacom products. I am going back and forth between Procreate and Photoshop when working on illustrations and this would be very helpful.
Not sure if it would override the Wacom settings or just run along side it. Is there any estimate of when this feature will be implemented?


Pressure improvements will be added ETA end of summer.
Customizable pressure curves is still in development, and does not have an estimated time frame yet, unfortunately.


Looking forward to a controllable pressure curve that is for sure, just for everyone’s knowledge though you can control a lot of a pressure curve in software like Krita as the curve is attached to the brush. Also ArtRage has a pressure adjustment tool that allows for some fairly good control as well, getting to full darks rapidly, each has their own issues with zooming controls and the like but they both have some excellent shortcut toggles by holding down the modifier keys (ArtRage in particular has nearly everything for drawing or painting and navigation without heavily adding hotkeys and sidebar buttons).

Make the customizable pressure curve and I won’t ever need to use any other pen display again. Thanks for the great app!

EDIT: While you are developing the pressure curve could you make a tilt curve adjustment tool as well? Being able to make the tilt more responsive could be amazing as well, especially for creating brushes that go from thin to SUPER thick with tilt sensitivity.


Thanks for the helpful tips and info :slight_smile:
Also, great feedback. We’ll take note and see what we can do as we develop!


Loved watching all the artists on the promo videos using their Apple pencils at full opacity. Bought the app today and…nope. Only painting with my clumsy fingers works at full opacity, all of the Photoshop tools look like ghosts of their true selves (about 30% opacity only).

Needed a fine point tool for my painting, illustration and calligraphy digital work, so bought the iPad Pro, the pencil and Astropad only to find for me it doesn’t perform as the promo videos do. SO disappointed :frowning:


Same issue here! I bought all of Kyle Webster brushes, eager to draw with them on my iPad Pro, with Apple Pencil, just to realize that some of them don’t work properly because of pressure sensitivity.


We are testing a beta version of Astropad with improved pressure curve.

Please contact me at g(at) to help us define it.

Thank you!

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product


Hello Giovanni,

I would like to help you with this one!

Kind Regards


Looking forward to helping with the development of your pressure curve in any way possible. I sent in an email with a client side curve adjustment tool that comes stock with one of the art application I use, it further allows for control of the minimum input thereby allowing for a hover kind of effect without mark making if gentle pressure is used, great for ghosting a mark before making it.

Thanks for this excellent application by the way, I’m really impressed with just how powerful it is and could even become more powerful in time, all this is extremely exciting. (finally feeling like we’re living in the 21st century)


Thanks for the feedback and support :slight_smile:
What programs are you using with Astropad?


Hello Malyse,

I’m using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

Kind Regards


I am currently running ArtRage as my main painting and drawing software, it has a pressure adjustment slider that allows for adjusting the pressure of the tools, making it easier to get to full pressure or reduce the maximum pressure value. ArtRage 4 desktop, currently will not zoom or rotate with multitouch gestures in Astropad, it does pan but slowly.

The other software I will sometimes use is Krita v2.9.11, it has a rich pressure curve adjustment slider that allows me to change the maximum, minimum, and rate of change of the curve. I wish it had adjustments for tilt sensitivity but I have yet to find such adjustments. Krita has instability issues and 3.0 did not want to work with Astropad at all for me, otherwise I might use it more often.

Lastly, I will use Photoshop if I have an effect that only it can do quite as efficiently (liquify and color range selection tools).

Looking forward to the future of Astropad development, there is so much potential in this app.


This would be such a plus. I’m almost, except for oil painting, exclusively on computer for art, due to my Billy Quizboy drawing hand. It’s almost all plates and screws from an accident. The Apple Pencil is a great plus for me, but I do have to put the opacity/size on high when I use Mischief.
No problem with AFDesign, Sketchbook, Artrage, etc… but Mischief is so paired down, they don’t offer pressure gauges except for the Wacom controls, for, strangely enough, the Wacom


Thanks for all the added compatibility info! We appreciate it, really helps :slight_smile:


We just released Astropad v2.0 which includes all new pressure system and the new pressure curve should be much much better, way less stiff and it should work out of the box with Kyle Brushes.

Please try it out and let us how the new pressure curve works for you.

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product


The new pressure curve is much better! Thank you very much.


The pressure curve may be good for some as I know a lot of people like the softer line variability, but I have used the previous one so much that this softer feel is really screwing with my line widths and comfort of use.

I like the variation to work with a safe amount of heavy pressure and be consistent with my other programs using the Apple Pencil. (Procreate, paper53, the native notes app) When I use Astropad now it is so sensitive that i am finding it very hard to animate consistently.

I need to keep lines fairly similar or the frame to frame feel begins to look wiggly and loses weight of the image the variation. It is very frustrating. [Im was previously using a 1px - 75px line variability in my lining brush. In the previous curve, I was easily able to control that, but now I am blobbing or hair lining the image. Which means, I am now swapping between brushes and having to move my Astropad window and use the laptop more often]

I don’t know the implications of asking for you to add a pressure control, but I sure would like to roll back to the previous pressure curve if possible, or at least have the option.


I’m having trouble with 2.0 and pressure too. I’m getting random pressure bursts, usually at the start of a stroke. I’ll get a single burst of the brush tip at high pressure. It’s making it almost impossible to ink in Clip Studio Paint. I didn’t have any trouble with the previous version.