Apple Pencil pressure profile


Is there a way to adjust this from Astropad? The default pressure profile is very firm.


I’ve noticed the same thing. I have to use at least twice the pressure compared to my Wacom tablet. This requires twice as much time do draw the line. The way it is now makes it unusable as a part of my work flow.
I’m using:
ipad pro with Apple pencil and Adobe CS6.


I just got the pro and a pencil, lucky me! Unfortunately I have this problem too. As soon as I switch from finger mode to pencil it basically doesn’t leave a mark, unless I press hard enough to gouge the screen. Finger mode works fine. Is there any work around? Back to using my JTPP? Incidentally, pressure sensitivity works great in Clip Studio Paint.


I’m experiencing the same. I have to press so hard that it affects the screen.
Would love to have some pressure control.

I’m normally on a Wacom 13" Cintiq


I just noticed that the default brushes work fine but Kyle Webster’s brushes don’t :disappointed_relieved:


I haven’t had a problem with the pressure profile, but if Astropad is mimicking a Cintique, then like a Wacom tablet the pressure sensitivity is going to depend mostly on the settings in the software you use. So adjust your opacity settings and see if that fixes things in programs like Photoshop.


Unfortunately the brushes are at 100% opacity. It only seems to be a problem with the small set of Kyle Webster’s brushes that I use regularly, which are .tpl files and not .abr. I feel confident the Astropad guys will fix it, I’m just dying a little bit not being able to use photoshop right now! I tried going back to my ipad3 for the time being but it’s too hard after the fabulousness of the pro and pencil. I wish photoshop had Clip Studio Paint’s ability to set a pressure curve for every brush.


I’ve tried adjusting my Wacom settings with no luck. Using a hard brush with 100% opacity and flow it still takes a lot of pressure to get a proper stroke. It feels unnatural to me, especially when I compare it to how the brush reacts in Procreate or my Wacom with Photoshop.


We are aware of the pressure issues with Apple Pencil, and will be releasing an update in 2-3 weeks that helps with this issue.

In the meantime,
if you are using customized brushes (like Kyle’s), the ones with lower flow, I would keep the flow percentage at minimum 70% - 100%.
Also, with each brush, or at least the ones you apply more pressure, enable “Use Pressure for size” icon

We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate all your patience.

Let me know if you have more questions.


Just curious, has anyone seen an improvement with today’s update?


Is anyone still having pressure issues with Kyle’s brushes? Any work arounds? I have astropad 1.3.5. I just purchased his impasto brushes and I really have to bear down on the pencil vs. using my wacom tablet. I tried using the pressure for size idea and it doesn’t help.


I asked Kyle for help with this on Twitter and his response (for his watercolour brushes) was to “try decreasing the texture ‘depth’ setting a bit, and then increase ‘flow’ and ‘opacity’ in ‘transfer’ too”. This is in the brush palette. I don’t know if it will work for the impasto brushes but it did help for the watercolour. I made copies of the brushes before changing them, because once the Astropad team fixes the pressure sensitivity or adds the pressure curve, I want to be able to go back and use the brushes in their original state.


We REALLY do need access to create custom pressure curves. Specifically I’m using an Apple pencil and I have to really gouge the screen with it just to make a 50-60% width strokes. Pressure curve is not just something that needs to be “fixed” or worked on. Each person’s hand is different, some draw with a very light touch other people use heavy pressure, some people draw more from their wrist, while other use their whole arm more. It really depends on each person. Procreate has a very simple interface to customize the pressure curve for Apple pencil (and lots of other styli). This is something that seems very doable from a technical standpoint and wouldn’t add too much clutter to the nice minimal interface that Astropad currently employs.

Without the ability to access and change pressure settings Astropad is unusable for me at this state. I can use it in Photoshop to maybe block in large color areas with brushes using no pressure, but this defeats the point of the setup if reliable pressure actuation is eliminated in the workflow.


Malyse, any updates on when we will see the pressure problem with the Apple Pencil fixed? Thank you for any info you can provide us.


The pressure issue seems to apply more to custom brushes.
Currently looking into workarounds and best adjusted settings for Kyle’s brushes, and custom brushes in general.

But we’ll be further tweaking the pressure, and take adding custom pressure curves into further consideration.
Just as alamont mentioned, every person draws with varied applied pressure, and we want to improve the experience for everyone. Let me know, especially for Kyle’s brushes, which ones (or sets) seems hard to use with Apple Pencil.

We appreciate all the patience.


Having the same problem and found this article. I also have Kyle’s brushes but found it isn’t just Kyle’s brushes, it also happens with the built in photoshop pencils etc. This advice from Kyle is the only thing that helped me (texture depth). I love this software but without these “realistic” brushes working with my iPad Pro and pencil it renders the software 50% useless for me. Can’t wait for this to be fixed!!!

Thanks guys for your hard work. Please keep us updated. Artists aren’t the most patient lot :wink:


Dear Astropad people, please let us know when this will be fixed. Do you know, I haven’t been able to use photoshop since getting the iPad pro and that’s a real shame. You had it working pretty well with the jot touch on iPad 3, at least get it to that level of usability please.


Same here! Astropeople do you have any updates on this issue? I’m having the same problem using Kyle’s brushes with ipad pro and pencil. Thank you


Would still really like to see this implimented ASAP. I cincerely want to ditch my Cintiq 13HD in exchange for Astropad with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and it’s so close, but this is really what’s holding me back. I’m fine with the tiny bit of lag and the piexelation of motion, but I’ve GOT to be in control of the pressure curve!


Stay tuned! we are working on it…