Apple Pencil not working help


Hi, I downloaded the App and the Apple Pencil works fine to navigate menus and stuff but when it comes to using it on screen to draw or move the cursor around, it does nothing. Please help, thanks


Have you tried force quit app (in the iPad) and open again?



Yep Iv done that Iv also restated the iPad and also even updated still nothing



@Comedian999 ​What drawing program are you using from your Mac?

If your Apple Pencil is unresponsive, try directly plugging in the Apple Pencil to your iPad port.
​This can help reconnect your stylus.

Are you able to draw in other apps?


@Malyse I’m using Photoshop off the Mac. The pencil works on the iPad with other apps like sketchbook and pro create it’s just this one. If it don’t start working I may have to cancel the subscription which is disappointing as this is exactly the type of app Iv been looking for.

Any other suggestions