Animated with Astropad :)


Hi Everyone.
I had fun doing this one in Harmony with a whole lotta help from astropad.
hope you like it.


This is super awesome!



Hi Giovanni,
I’m glad you liked it. The animation was made for a motion graphics mini-project that I’m working on, which also features some more frame by frame animation that I created with astropad… so I’ll be sure to post a link when i’m finished :slight_smile:


That would be awesome


hi, friend i believe this was done with toonboom hamony. could you tell me if you have maya working on your ipad pro?


hi murthada,
I don’t have Maya I’m afraid… I’m a Modo man :slight_smile: I’ve tried using Astropad in there but the modifier keys don’t seem to be working for me :frowning:


mine neither :frowning:
your animation is great tho, do you have the finished link yet?


Love this! I have really only used Astropad with illustrator and Photoshop but not for animation. I am anxious to see which of my programs are the easiest to manipulate using it after seeing this.


thanks a lot bro. i was sampling opinions on whether to buy ipad pro 12inches which i love so much for illustrations, but i like to do my 3D on the go also which tends to sway me towards wacom cintiq which is time tested.
once more your animation is fluid


Nice! I am also using astropad with harmony Toonboom for animation projects. :smiley: It makes the work easier!