Add support for Mac App Sketches Pro


I just discovered an amazing young app with a lot of potential, its called Sketches Pro, you can search it on the Mac App Store, is wonderful, by default works very well with Astropad and Apple Pencil, but, is a little inaccurate, specially with fast movements, the tool doesn’t paint where the magenta line indicates and isn’t listed in the supported software, so I just request support for accurate stroke as it does with the other Mac Apps.
If you don’t know the app, try it, is so artistic, clean and intuitive.


This is very likely not AstroPad’s fault but rather that of Sketches Pro not giving enough priority to sampling the pen input coming down the USB pipe as you draw quickly. There are many other applications that have the same frustrating issue. While there is a LOT I don’t like about SketchBook Pro, that program does at least properly track a fast moving Apple Pencil.


Oh I see… thanks for your reply


@Ravel Thanks for the info & request :slight_smile:
We’ll have to look into this app further and see how well it works with Astropad


@Ravel : you could buy the iPad version of the Sketches app. It might be easier to work with, as its native iPad app. (link:


I tried the iPad version before write this post, when I wrote this, the Mac app was so much better, the native iPad App was very laggy ironically compared with the Mac version and a little buggy, but, In order to reply, I downloaded again the iPad version and seems works better, but I still found more useful on the Mac (thanks to the finder and keyboard shortcuts) and already paid for the full version on that side, not going to pay again for it just to have it on the iPad.