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When launching Astropad (with iPad Pro), I’m immediately getting a black screen on the ipad Pro with the white dial, and on the Macbook Pro I’m getting a selection box. I can change the size of the selection box but I can’t do anything else.

Running El Capitan with Astrolab 1.4.3 (The latest version). Probably a simple solution.


Hi Astropad Crew,

After painting a whole childrens book with photoshop and Astropad on my ipad pro 12.9 in july, and being very stisfied with the app, I started a new book today. But the mirrored image on the ipad is incredibly unsharp. That was not the case in july. What should I change?

Thanks so much in advance


Hi Katharina,

Is this with USB or wifi connection?

How has the experience been different?
If possible please email a screeenshot/photo or video of this occurring.


Hi Malyse,

Thanks for taking care of that!
It is with USB connection.
Here are zwo screenshots, the first is taken from the astropad/ipad screen and the second from the computer screen.

The problem with the blurry lines, when a selection is active, has improved a lot since last update, which is absolutely great!



Hi Katharina

When you restart Mac and iPad this still happens?
Has you’re Mac’s display resolution been changed at all?


Hi Malyse,

it stays like this with a restart.
The resolution of my display has not been changed since my last work.


Hi Katharina,

What is the model and year of your Mac?

Something to try -
On your Mac,
Go to Astropad’s Preferences, and go to “Advanced” tab and uncheck “use Retina resolution when available”.

Let us know if that makes any difference.


Hi Malyse,

It is a 2016 Mac mini.
Switching Retina res on or off doesn´t make a difference, please see ipad screenshots.


Hi Katharina,

I messaged a command to try as well, has that been tested?

This is an issue we’re still trying to figure out.
Has there been any changes to your setup?
Any 3rd party drivers or plugins installed recently?

We appreciate your patience as we try to figure this out.


ok, i need the second screen option. Did i buy the wrong one? Should i have bought the studio thing? If there is no second screen option can i please get my money back so i can just buy a product that makes sense? Just silly to work only in mirror mode. Completely useless to me.


@Vinnie_GP Astropad mirrors only, it does not have second/extended screen ability.
Please send us an email to support at - support[at]astro-hq.com for refund information.

Apologies for any disappointment.