Abobe Ink, iPad Pro and Astropad



Quick one that I cannot find definitive answer to - does Adobe Ink work on latest iPad Pro (via Astropad)?

Many thanks


“Compatibility: Ink & Slide are designed to work with iPad 4, iPad mini (all models), and iPad Air (1st generation).
Note: There is a known, intermittent issue with the iPad Air 2, in which Ink stops drawing mid-stroke. This will require Adobe SDK (software) updates to resolve. Not fully compatible with iPad Pro”

This is from Amazon. Regardless of Astropad compatibility it’s not fully compatible with iPad Pro. Hope that helps.


Just a note. I’ve owned wacoms, and many other digital solutions in my 30 years as a professional artist. The Apple Pencil is the 1# best digital drawing device I’ve ever touched. With my iPad Pro and apps like pro create, artrage ( best line work ever) and affinity photo. I can draw at 6k plus with zero lag! And if I need to work at 10k plus, I plug it into my MacBook and use Astropad studio. No noticeable lag really. But I mirror my iPad to my 4K 55” monitor and then the resolution fits my iPad. This setup blows away anything I’ve ever used. I’d say pitch that ink on eBay and spend 100$ on an Apple Pencil and your gonna say “”thank you shawn”:))


ditto … Tried every tablet stylus (including desktop Wacom and tablets). The Apple Pencil is the Gold Standard.



Absolutely. If you ever have any questions on my setup I’ll help. Or advice that I didn’t think of will be nice too:). Have a great day my friend